Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Get your movieloving be-hind to ATL's STARLITE SIX!

Even if you count yourself amongst the most ardent of movie lovers, or the most dedicated of movie professionals, or the most brainy of movie critics, I guarantee not all of you have had the pleasure of pulling up on a hilly blacktop in a comfy-cool four-wheel ride, armed with all the preferred food and drink that you desire, outfitted with ass-fitting chairs and ear-tasty sound systems, gifted with comforting friends around and new friends to be found, blessed with an all-day (from noon on) line-up of shitkicker bands and an endless supply of corn dogs and fireworks and everything you could possibly imagine to make a moviegoing experience fun, and THEN, absolutely annointed by numerous ass-whooping movies, witnessed underneath the beautiful swaying trees, the shilly-shally breezes, and the shimmering stars. I guarantee most of you reading here have never experienced ANYTHING like this. But, now...now, if you look at and even click on the hot-doggy image below, you'll glimpse your chance at this invaluable experience. Five movies, playing on 24 F.P.S. film, outside, till the break of dawn, starting on the monumentally trucker-friendly day 10/10/10. To boot: you'll get shorts, policy trailers, and mucho cool previews--again, ON FILM--as the twinkling airplanes fly high above your and your darling's heads, and as the whipsmart wiseguys--you included--make fun of and revel in the movies onscreen. I know you guys reading this are worldly and clever, but certainly, not all of you have enjoyed this peachy experience. I mean: Roger Ebert? Anne Thompson? A.O. Scott? Todd McCarthy? Guy Lodge? Goddamn Armond White???? NO WAY! (Well, maybe Roger Ebert...) But this is something all of you, and all of your ilk, should experience, just like that 3D shite. I wouldn't bother to point it out if I didn't think it was true. So, if all this I been talkin' about is alien to you, damn, nee-gro, here's your chance to experience it at the WORLD'S (yes, I said the WORLD'S) greatest drive-in theater (SIX drive-in screens---can you beat it?). Never been to a drive-in? Sheltered? Lonely? Not in-the-know? Feel bad about it? Need a memorable kiss? And some tunes to go with it? Your vacation is set, sistas and brothas. Take this advise: CLICK HERE FOR VALUABLE INSTRUCTIONS.

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