Monday, January 17, 2011

Three movies on the ball field, in one minute flat

I've been wanting to post these athletic film pieces for months now, and now that I have very little time to compose a preferably detailed new post on filmicability, it seems like a perfect opportunity to do so. Will Tribble has a blog here and these three movies I include here are among his many film outputs (which I have yet to delve into, in all honesty, even though he recommends on his You Tube channel that we all watch "every single one"). The two of his pieces that first caught my eye almost two years ago were his excellent one-minute adaptations of both Robert Zemeckis' 1994 Oscar winner Forrest Gump and his energetic condensation of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill double feature. Then, just now, I discovered Tribble's detailed take on Danny Boyle's zombie extravaganza 28 Days Later. I love the Keystone Kops quality to these three pieces because they combine something I adore--movies--with something I generally despise--sports. These are pristine video mash-ups of these two forms of entertainment: one comes from the brain, the other from the body (the undoctored playing fields Tribble's movies play out upon cement the examined films to the sports arena). The camerawork in all three pieces is outstanding and robust--the open skies and green fields make a particularly deep, horizontal impression. And the sound--an amalgamation of pertinent music cues and terrific foley and voice-over--is a feat unto itself. But Tribble's deceptively little works are obviously a product of meticulous direction, design, choreography, film study, and acting. I particularly like they underline that, in all movies, we're seeing characters get from points A to Z. I'll be looking at more of Will's work, for sure.


BONUS: THE GODFATHER, in one minute flat, from Japan;

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