Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Movie Poster Collection: L

Remember that you can always click on the images themselves to see them (hopefully) larger:

L.A. CONFIDENTIAL (Curtis Hanson, 97) Rolled, D
The best of all the many one-sheets for this magnificent modern noir.

LASERBLAST (Michael Rae, 78). Folded, VGOne of my favorite bad movies also has a killer poster. Sure, I like the little-seen Dave Allen-created aliens up at the top. And the fact that the layout and tagline typeface apes the look of that famous Star Wars poster. But my favorite part of this great bit of B-movie art? The ray/logo turning a sorry human into a flaming skeleton. Skeletons are one of funniest things on earth, don't you think?

THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO (Whit Stillman, 98) Rolled, G
Boring movie, but having Kate Beckinsale AND Chloe Sevigny getting down on my wall? Yep, I'll take it. 

THE LAST MOVIE (Dennis Hopper, 71). Folded, VG. 

THE LAST WALTZ (Martin Scorsese, 78). Folded, D.
My copy of this has a tiny tear in its middle, but it doesn't mar it overall. What a lineup this concert had. A truly landmark film. I met Levon Helm once at his home/studio, and he told me Robbie Robertson's mike was cut off the whole time they were filming.

LET'S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH (John Hancock, 71). Folded, G
A brilliantly colored poster, with a truly horrifying image. An unjustly forgotten movie, too.

THE LIBERTINE (Pasquale Festa Campanile, 68). Folded, NM
Got this only because it had Radley Metzger's name on it. I'd much rather have a Lickerish Quartet poster, but this will have to do for now. 

LICENSE TO KILL (John Glen, 89). Rolled, pre-release, F
One of my favorite Bond films. Dalton was a badass!

A strange entry in my collection. Very 70s graphics. Anyone ever seen this? 

LIFE IS SWEET (Mike Leigh, 1990). Rolled, M. NOTE: Signed by Mike Leigh, Timothy Spall, and Dick Pope. 

LIMBO (John Sayles, 1999). Rolled, VG
My only John Sayles movie poster. I really want a copy of the Matewan one-sheet (or even The Brother From Another Planet or Lianna). But I love this poster, and the movie, too!

LITTLE BUDDHA (Bernardo Bertolucci, 93). Folded, G
A gorgeous image for a dazzling Bertolucci epic.

LITTLE CHILDREN (Todd Fields, 2006). Rolled, NM
Another striking use of negative space, this time for Todd Fields' sobering look at suburban life. Bonus for having a sweaty Kate Winslet peeking at us from behind Patrick Wilson.

Creepy movie, with an evil Martin Sheen unfortunately missing from the one-sheet. Still, a good effort graphics-wise. 

A LITTLE ROMANCE (George Roy Hill, 79). Folded, VG
I traded a Once Upon a Time in the West and a rare Road Warrior poster for this (at Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Material Store), and still think I got a good deal, though many wouldn't agree. The most obscure movie on my top ten of all time is also the best movie about romance out there. The Seurat-influenced image is absolutely perfect.

LOLLY MADONNA XXX (Richard C. Sarafian, 73). Folded, Style B, GA shocking one-sheet, somehow, with an early-career Season Hubley as its center. Never seen this movie, but oh how I want to!
LONELY ARE THE BRAVE (David Miller, 62). Folded, VG
Absolutely brilliant one-sheet for one of the strangest westerns out there! We even have a young Gena Rowlands represented here! How can you lose? 

THE LONG RIDERS (Walter Hill, 81). Folded, VG
What a movie! And a smashing image to advertise it. What with all the acting brothers' names on it, I have to say, I adore this piece!

THE LONGEST YARD (Robert Aldrich, 74). Folded, VG
Boy, the studio was REALLY trying to get the ladies to see this, given Burt's hairy chest taking center stage here. Not a hint of football action, even though it's the best football movie ever made. I would've preferred another image, but I can't deny: the film is top stuff for both Reynolds and Aldrich. So here it is in my collection.

THE LOSERS (Jack Starrett, 70). Folded, VG
The poster is about a billion times better than the movie. I love a good Impossible Shot one-sheet.

THE LOSS OF SEXUAL INNOCENCE (Mike Figgis, 99). Rolled, NM
Never seen this film, but the poster is astounding. 

LOST IN AMERICA (Albert Brooks, 84). Folded, G
Yet another great use of negative space, this time the yellow desert, with our two main characters hilariously headless. Brooks' second best film (after Modern Romance, which doesn't have such a great ad campaign), but his best one-sheet. 

LOST HIGHWAY (David Lynch, 97). Rolled, NM
Incredible. Weird. Disturbing. Perfect Lynch graphics. Left to me by my late friend Patrick Flynn, who counted this as his favorite film from that director.

A largely ugly poster, for a fun movie with an amazing cast. I like the bottom half of the one-sheet, though. Some nice photos down there.

LUDWIG (Luchino Visconti, 72). Folded, VG
Another great, largely-white poster. I guess you're seeing a pattern of what kind of layouts I like here...

LUST IN THE DUST (Paul Bartel, 85). Rolled, G
Pretty tacky, as is the film, but I had to have this, because Divine's so prominent. And Henry Silva's thrown in, to boot!

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