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My Movie Poster Collection: N

Remember that you can always click on the images themselves to see them (hopefully) larger:

NASHVILLE (1975). Folded, Style A, G
A fine Robert Altman poster (only the M.A.S.H. and McCabe and Mrs. Miller one-sheets best it), for arguably the greatest film on his resume. I like that it's not packed with movie stars--or even any credits--and that it's kind of a call back to the M.A.S.H. ad--that famed hand-doing-the-peace-sign-with-the-lady's legs-attached. And what a tagline--I think that's just incredible, and very fitting. But if something else is more your speed, then look at this...
NASHVILLE (1975). Folded, Style B, VG
I couldn't believe my luck when I ran across this oddly-shaped B-style, with many of the cast members repped, and an eerie image of our villain with his guitar case. Again, more boxed-in-heads. I like it.

THE NASTY GIRL (1990). Folded, G
A wonderful German film by Michael Verhoeven, and a tasty image of its lead, Lena Stolze!

NETWORK (1976). Folded, Oscar poster, F
The release one-sheet for this undisputed classic unfortunately counts as perhaps the ugliest poster ever produced for a timeless film. This Oscar poster easily trumps the original, and really focuses the eye on the movie's sharp logo. Nice likeness of a big fat Academy Award there as well

NEVER CRY WOLF (1983). Folded, VG
I would have preferred a one-sheet featuring one of cinematographer Hiro Narita's more beautiful images--say, of the herds of caribou rushing by. I do like that this is Charlie Martin Smith's one and only chance to be the sole focus of a sales image (he's a character actor I've always admired). But given that Carroll Ballard's movies is so exquisite to look at, shouldn't the poster be so, too?

NEW YORK, NEW YORK (1977). Folded, 1981 rerelease, VG
The poster for Scorsese's radical musical, commissioned when 40 minutes of cut footage was restored and the film was rereleased in 1981. The art is by the late, great NY Times-based artist Al Hirschfeld, who was the subject of an underrated 1996 documentary called The Line King. Got this poster for a song, too!

THE NEW WORLD (2005). Rolled, NM
My favorite movie of the 2000s, and a lavish image. I loved the mysterious pre-release poster even more, though--the back of a Native American's head as he watches the ships arrive on shore. But this will more than do me fine.

NIGHT WATCH (1973). Folded, F
My only Elizabeth Taylor poster, this one for a diverting if somewhat over-the-top horror movie. The lightning is effective, and so is Taylor's stunned face, but the ersatz Psycho house with those goofy figures in the window bring it down a notch.
NIGHT MOVES (1975). Folded, G
A disquieting, lonely portrait for a landmark 70s noir from director Arthur Penn and star Gene Hackman. The poster gives away some things, but you don't realize it until you see the movie (and I'm not spoiling anything here). Elegant tagline, by the way.

NIGHT CALL NURSES (1972). Folded, F
From the Roger Corman stable. How could I resist?

I bought this only for the oft-used tagline "Thank Heavens It's Only A Movie!" Very ugly poster, though it's also invaluable in my eyes for its garishness.

I'd love to see this Canadian documentary. And that's a really cute porn actress there--her name, I've found, is Linda Lee Tracey. From what I read, however, the film is a notoriously outdated and vehemently negative anti-porn screed. Still wanna see it...

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