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My Movie Poster Collection: Q-R

Remember that you can always click on the images themselves to see them (hopefully) larger:

Q (1982). Folded, VG
An A-list poster for a top B-movie, courtesy of the late and legendary illustrator Frank Frazetta. Larry Cohen's monster movie is, as is the filmmaker's modus operandi, a witty dissection of societal malaise, here taking on the worship of strange gods. Michael Moriarty gives a adroit lead performance, and David Carradine delivers some of his best work, too. And may I repeat the tagline: "It's (sic) name is Quetzalcoatl...just call it Q...that's all you'll have time to say before it tears you apart!" A treasured point in my collection.

QUEST FOR FIRE (1981). Folded, VG]
Dull, dull, dull! Why did the studio's marketing department do this disservice to Jean-Jacques Annaud's kingly caveman movie? Did they not even see it?

RACHEL, RACHEL (1968). Folded, G
Paul Newman's directorial debut, and a touchstone for his wife, Joanne Woodward. It certainly didn't deserve a Best Picture nomination over 2001, of all things, but it's a thoughtful film nonetheless. And the poster is yet another example of the sharp minds in the Warner Bros./Seven Arts art department of the late 1960s.

RADIO DAYS (1987). Folded, VG
One of Woody Allen's most personal and colorful movies, and the one-sheet reflects this. 

RAGTIME (1981). Folded, VG
Okay, I've always wanted to do this: this is the cast in Milos Forman's flawed but underrated adaptation of E.L. Doctorow's Ragtime (and this is all from memory, except towards the end): James Cagney (his final big-screen role), James Olson, Elizabeth McGovern, Mary Steenburgen, Howard Rollins Jr., Debbie Allen, Brad Dourif, Mandy Patinkin, Robert Joy, Pat O'Brien, Kenneth McMillan (what a bastard he is in this), Moses Gunn, Norman Mailer, Donald O'Connor, Jeff Daniels, Fran Drescher, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeffrey DeMunn, Dorsey Wright, Zack Norman, Michael Jeter, and Jack Nicholson is in there in a barely seen cameo as a silent-movie pirate. Wanna see it NOW? Excellent one-sheet, by the way.

RAIN MAN (1988). Folded, VG
A movie that I like more and more for Cruise's performance rather than Hoffman's, which now seems like an perfected parlor trick. I like the colors in this one-sheet, and the out-of-step lock-step the two brothers display.

RATATOUILLE (2007). Rolled, pre-release, NM
A vibrant Pixar poster--my first. 

RED CORNER (1997). Rolled, NM

THE RED VIOLIN (1998). Rolled, NMA snazzy wood-hewn look to this one-sheet for a fascinating, musical film. 

REDS (1981). Rolled, NM
Absolutely one of the crown jewels in my collection. This IS the release poster, and given the cast in this movie, it is, in and of itself, an achievement that's as epic as the film. One of cinema's finest images, with an memorable two-toned logo, printed on gorgeous thick card-stock. This is undeniably a keeper.
Very weird poster for what I recall being an even weirder movie. I'd like to see this one again--it's been almost 35 years!

RESERVOIR DOGS (1992). Rolled, NM
This is not the release poster I remember, but it's ultra-cool just the same.

I think this is the only Pink Panther poster to feature a clear image of Sellers in his signature role of Inspector Clouseau. It's also one of the wackiest entries in the series. "Do you have a license for that menkey?"
Butt-ugly poster for a much loved film. I would've put Booger in there front and center, just to make it way uglier, and funnier.

RISKY BUSINESS (1983). Folded, VG
A iconic 80s image, for a certainly representative movie for the era. 

THE RIVER (1984). Folded, VG
The film was blah. And the poster tries to save it, but it can't.

ROCKY IV (1985). Folded, G
Geez, what a blight this and Rocky V are on the series. Yet, somehow, this pre-release poster remains the best of all the Rocky one-sheets. I love the two gloves smashing together there!

ROLLERBALL (1975). Folded, F
My copy of this is really banged up, but Norman Jewison's film remains, for me, one of the most telling movies about the essential appeal, and evil, of sports entertainment. And, like Network and Dr. Strangelove, it seems to become truer every passing year. Brilliant logo and type, and the spooky artwork is by master illustrator Robert Peak! 

ROMANCE (1999). Rolled, D
I can't stand this pretentious Catherine Breillat tripe, and the poster sux (much better was the vagina-rubbing alternate poster, which I once had but was destroyed in a flood--don't ask). I dunno why I even keep this's damaged, anyway. Don't bother.

'ROUND MIDNIGHT (1986). Folded, G
Bertrand Tavernier's finest work, about the friendship between a French fan and his favorite artist, an alcoholic jazz musician named Dale Cooper, trapped in semi-slavery while visiting Paris. Dexter Gordon's lead performance is one of the best acting jobs ever put on film. The haunting artwork is by Steven Chorney.

THE RULING CLASS (1972). Folded, F
Peter O'Toole as upper-class-twit AND Jesus? Gimme! 

RUNAWAY (1984). Folded, VG.

This non-glossy one-sheet is incredible! (Black and red--always a winner.) What did people coming out of 1966 theaters think THIS was? I live in a largely Russian neighborhood in Brooklyn as of this writing. I wonder if I could catch a pretty penny from one of my neighbors for it...

RYAN'S DAUGHTER (1970). Oscar re-release poster, folded, VG. 

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