Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Movie Poster Collection: I

Remember that you can always click on the images themselves to see them (hopefully) larger:

I WALK THE LINE (John Frankenheimer, 70). Folded, VG
I bought this at first glance. I had never heard of the movie, but the sight of a golden-age actor (Gregory Peck) giving what for to a hippie-age actor (the beautiful Tuesday Weld) is too dynamic to ignore. I saw the movie after I bought this. I liked it alright, but I wondered if something more authentic could've been had. Still, an amazing poster, with a strong shout-out to Johnny Cash.

I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND (Robert Zemeckis, 78). Folded, VG
I LOVE this movie. It's my movie. It's my baby. And the poster is yellow and bright, and it has terrific copy, and it features Wendy Jo Sperber, Theresa Saldana, Eddie Deezen, and Nancy Allen. What the frick?? This was a must for my collection.

IDA (Pawel Pawlikowski, 2013). Rolled, M

AN IDEAL HUSBAND (Oliver Parker, 99). Rolled, VG
I like the movie, and the stars, but I dislike the poster. ZZZZZZZ--zaaa? Wha? Don't bother me, I'm sleeping...

THE IDIOTS (Lars Von Trier, 98). Rolled, VG
Another unfortunately ugly movie campaign. I understand why it is as such, but it don't make for a convincing sale. Nevertheless, the movie is outstanding.

I'M ALL RIGHT, JACK (John Boulting, 59). Folded, VG
Is this the oldest poster in my collection? Going 52 years old--pretty elderly for a piece of paper, it seems. This early Peter Sellers (supporting) vehicle is a classic of British cinema, but I found it deadly dry...maybe I needed to be British to appreciate it. Or maybe I wasn't in the mood. It happens, y'know?

INHERENT VICE (Paul Thomas Anderson, 2014). Rolled, M.

INLAND EMPIRE (David Lynch, 2006). Rolled, NM
It was a miracle I got this poster, but I did. I think there were very, very few of these produced (at our pre-screening at the Plaza in Atlanta, Lynch offered to whatever # ticket-buyer a special door prize: a silver-signed copy of this poster. It's cleanly pressed on thick card stock, with strange art that punches much differently up close than it does from far away. Thus, it regularly creeps me out maybe more than any other David Lynch one-sheet. Also, outside of Eraserhead, the poster is the most rare of Lynch's movie graphics. Love that I have it.

INNOCENT BLOOD (John Landis, 92). Rolled, NM. 

INSIDE MOVES (Richard Donner, 80). Rolled, VG
This looks like it was done by one of the great poster artists...maybe Drew Struzan. But I can't find any info on who did it. No matter. Even if the poster sucked, I'd have to get it, because Inside Moves is absolutely one of my favorite sleepers. I interviewed director Richard Donner back in 1985--in one of the most unusual ways, sitting on a park bench in downtown Atlanta--and he revealed to me that it was his personal favorite of any of the works he'd done up to that time. There you have it. It's now released on DVD, so view it forthwith!

THE INSIDER (Michael Mann, 99). Rolled, NM
An incredible movie, one that gets better with each viewing, somehow. The one-sheet reflects this quality. It's perfectly designed. I won't part with it.

INTERIORS (Woody Allen, 78). Folded, VG
One of Woody's most majestic one-sheets, with elegant typography and an obvious photographic reference to Ingmar Bergman. The shot included is the final shot of the film, and it is superb. "RENATA: The water's so calm. JO: Yes. It's very peaceful."

INTO THE NIGHT (John Landis, 85). Folded, G. A forgotten entry into John Landis' ouvre, unjustly so.

IRMA LA DOUCE (Billy Wilder, 63). Folded, G
My copy has a FOR ADULTS ONLY sticker pasted on it. Saul Bass may have done this poster art; Billy Wilder can't remember (which is not as surprising as it should be). That said, no one has any proof the art belongs to Bass. But what do you think?

IS PARIS BURNING (Rene Clement, 66). Folded, VG
Wow! This one=sheet is outstanding! So much crisp to read and jagged graphics to take in! I really, really love this piece. And the movie is underrated--huge cast and on-point crew does well with a script co-written by Francis Coppola and Gore Vidal!

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