Friday, May 15, 2009

FILMICABILITY lands 5 Lammy nominations!

Wow! Thanks to all my fellow Lambs who submitted my site for the five categories in which I was included (Most Ambitious, Most Likely to Get Paid, Most Prolific, the Brainiac Award and the biggest surprise, for me, was the inclusion of my 20 Favorite Actors piece in the Best Blogathon/Meme category)! I didn't get a nod for Best Blog, but I did land in the top five most-nominated sites, along with Blog Cabins, Final Girl, Only The Cinema, and Lazy Eye Theater. So that's somethin'! At any rate, I hope to win at least one, but my competition is heavy on all fronts. Oh, well--it truly is just nice to be nominated. Good luck to all of my compatriots!

1 comment:

Jose Sinclair said...

Did it take more than one nomination, or was it the highest votes? b/c I'm sure I voted for it as Best Blog!