Friday, May 8, 2009

A Little Self-Promotion

I'm frantically trying, right now, to visit absolutely every website listed in the Large Association of Movie Blogs (or the LAMB's) pantheon. It's really difficult to do, even in the space of a week. But, as the site's annual blogger awards, the LAMMIES, are fast approaching, I have to post this ad I concocted tubthumping my own achievements this year.

In little over the space of one year, I've posted 200 articles. Some are as short as this one, some are longer than you could possibly imagine. But I couldn't let the voting period go by without attempting to tout the time I've spent pouring over my love for the cinema. As for my competitors and comrades, I know I have my favorites out there and, in the interest of fairness, as a voting LAMB, I'm trying to get to know each and every LAMB personally. But I must confess that there are some extraordinary blogs which I've been following for a while now, so they have the "leg" up on the others. Still, I wanna be introduced to more great film writing, so I'm methodically making my way through the entire LAMB list before submitting my final votes.

Anyway, it's been a great year for me. I love doing this blog. It's as much a reference site for me as it is for anyone who visits filmicability. And I hope to be doing it for many years to come. Of course, if I could get PAID to do it, that would would make life all the more sweet. At any rate, thanks to all my fellow LAMBS for visiting, and for being as dedicated as you are. Good luck to you all in this current awards season. Really, I hope you all get noticed.

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