Friday, July 23, 2010

A Cinema Gallery: 200 Images, Part 4

36 color additions to my gallery of 200 screen images! This far in, I strangely feel myself getting way more personal in my choices. There might be what're considered SPOILERS here. By the way, I'll tag five more film bloggers--as is my requirement--at the end of Part 6 in a few days. Arriving at 140 images this time, here we have:

At the movies, a man seems to thank God for his true love in Breaking the Waves. (Lars Von Trier, 96; PHOTOG: Robby Muller)

Only one car remains at L.A.'s Receda Drive-In following the dire day in Targets. (Peter Bogdanovich, 68; PHOTOG: Laszlo Kovacs)

The director, as a child, acknowledges his debt to both stage and screen in the first shot of Fanny and Alexander. (Ingmar Bergman, 83; PHOTOG: Sven Nykvist)

The triptych climaxes. Napoleon. (Abel Gance, 27; PHOTOG: Leonce-Henri Burel, Nikolai Toporkoff, Jules Kruger, Jean-Paul Mundviller)

Jessica Harper can see right through you in her character’s stunning audition for the Phantom of the Paradise. (Brian De Palma, 74; PHOTOG: Larry Pizer)

Jett Rink surveys his new spread in Giant. (George Stevens, 56; PHOTOG: William C. Mellor)

Cheryl Barnes delivers one of the screen’s great one-scene performances, singing “Easy to Be Hard” in Hair. (Milos Forman, 79; PHOTOG: Miroslav Ondricek)

“Will you play me?“ Napoleon Dynamite. (Jared Hess, 2004; PHOTOG: Munn Powell)

Passing a cemetery, Harold can hardly wait to die as Cat Stevens' "Trouble" acts as score in Harold and Maude. (Hal Ashby, 71; PHOTOG: John A. Alonzo)

The new France shows only a reflection of the old in Playtime. (Jacques Tati, 67; PHOTOG: Jean Badal, Andreas Winding)

A political hit. Z. (Costa-Gavras, 69; PHOTOG: Raoul Coutard)

A romantic picnic at Lake Berryessa, now gone awry. Zodiac. (David Fincher, 2007; PHOTOG: Harris Savides)

One form of misguided, mistreated evil comes slowly into focus in Elephant. (Gus Van Sant, 2003; PHOTOG: Harris Savides)

The final train, coming ‘round the nighttime bend in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. (Andrew Dominick, 2007; PHOTOG: Roger Deakins)

Things are about to change in Cache. (Michael Haneke, 2005; PHOTOG: Christian Berger)

The princess from a newfound land joyfully cartwheels in The New World. (Terrence Malick, 2005; PHOTOG: Emmanuel Lubezki)

Eleanor does her final stunt in Gone in 60 Seconds. (H.B. Halicki, 74; PHOTOG: Scott Lloyd-Davies, Jack Vacek)

Shared dream. 3 Women. (Robert Altman, 77; PHOTOG: Charles Rosher Jr.)

A family jaunts about the dead in Oh! What A Lovely War! (Richard Attenborough, 69; PHOTOG: Gerry Turpin)

Only a flesh wound. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. (Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones, 75; PHOTOG: Terry Bedford)

“How can there be any sin in sincere?“ The town council finally finds common ground in The Music Man. (Morton De Costa, 62; PHOTOG: Robert Burks)

John Glenn’s stupendous orbit of our planet. The Right Stuff. (Philip Kaufman, 83; PHOTOG: Caleb Deschanel)

Peter Ustinov's foolish Nero fiddles as you-know-what burns. Quo Vadis. (Mervyn LeRoy, 51; PHOTOG: William V. Skall, Robert Surtees)

A colorful dirge. The Masque of the Red Death. (Roger Corman, 64; PHOTOG: Nicolas Roeg)

The Tingler. (William Castle, 59; PHOTOG: Wilfred M. Cline)

The Fab Four play to Ed Sullivan’s hysterical audience, and to a historical TV viewership, in I Wanna Hold Your Hand. (Robert Zemeckis, 78; PHOTOG: Donald M. Morgan)

War and Peace. (Sergei Bondarchuk, 68; PHOTOG: Anatoli Petrisky, Aleksandr Shelenkov, Iolanda Chen)

A doomed victim sinks in Fellini Satyricon. (Federico Fellini, 69; PHOTOG: Giuseppe Rotunno)

The rules on how to live a moral life come down in The Ten Commandments. (Cecil B. DeMille, 56; PHOTOG: Loyal Griggs)

Make your choice. The Matrix. (Andy and Larry (Lara) Wachowski, 99; PHOTOG: Bill Pope)

Bright flowers on acid in Easy Rider. (Dennis Hopper, 69; PHOTOG: Laszlo Kovacs)

“Is it okay if I call you mine?“ Fame. (Alan Parker, 80; PHOTOG: Michael Seresin)

Roped for stealing salt in The Man from Laramie. (Anthony Mann; 55; PHOTOG: Charles Lang)

The Roxanne Tango in Moulin Rouge! (Baz Luhrmann, 2001; PHOTOG: Donald McAlpine)

Our last moment together for a while. Wendy and Lucy. (Kelly Reichardt, 2008; PHOTOG: Sam Levy)

“Captain, I don’t know how you feel about this shrimp, but if you’ll eat it, you’ll never have to prove your courage in any other way.“ Apocalypse Now. (Francis Ford Coppola, 79; PHOTOG: Vittorio Storaro)

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Joel Bocko said...

More and more great stuff. Two things I love about your picks: one, the sheer diversity, it seems every aspect of cinema is embraced here; two, the variety of familiarity - some of thse are iconic moments, others overlooked moments in iconic films, still others moments from films that might not often be celebrated but are here seen in a new light.

Can't wait for 5 & 6!

Dean Treadway said...

That means a lot, coming from you, MovieMan! Thank you so much.

Stephen said...

I love that Playtime image - such a good film. These are yet more impressive images.

You've chosen images that seem to burst out of their frame. By that I mean stills that keep the force and movement of the moving image they are taken from.

Joel Bocko said...

Is there a part 6 still in the offing? I can hardly wait...