Sunday, September 2, 2018

The Best Cinematography in Cinema

The following is an aggregation of what I've determined to be the film world's greatest examples of CINEMATOGRAPHY spanning the years 1925-2017. This is part of my ongoing Years in Review project. In total, 572 cinematography achievements are noted here. With each year, the titles are listed in order of preference. Those in bold are those that were awarded Academy Awards that year. Later, a tally of the best cinematographers will be added at the conclusion of this article.

1925: Eduard Tisse and Vladimir Popov, BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN (2nd: Roland Toheroh, The Gold Rush, followed by: Milton Bridenbecker, Virgil Miller and Chales Van Enger, The Phantom of the Opera) (3)

1926: Carl Hoffmann, FAUST (2nd: Burt Haynes and Dev Jennings, The General, followed by: Anatoli Golovnya, Mother; William H. Daniels, Flesh and the Devil) (4)

1927: Léonce-Henri Burel, Jules Kruger, Jean-Paul Mundviller and Nikolai Toporkoff, NAPOLEON (2nd: Charles Rosher and Karl Struss, Sunrise, followed by: Karl Freund, Günther Rittau and Walter Ruttmann, Metropolis; Ernest Palmer and Joseph H. Valentine, 7th Heaven; J. Peverell Marley, The King of Kings (5)

1928: Rudolph Mate, THE PASSION OF JEANNE D'ARC (2nd: Roy H. Klaffki and Ray Rennahan, The Wedding March, followed by: Henry Sharp, The Crowd; John Arnold, The Wind) (4)

1929: Mikhail Kaufman, MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA (2nd: Gunther Kramph, Pandora's Box; Paul Ivano and Gordon Pollock, Queen Kelly) (3)

1930: Ray June and Robert H. Plank, THE BAT WHISPERS (2nd: Lee Garmes, Morocco, followed by: Wladyslaw Starewicz, The Tale of the Fox; Arthur Edeson, All Quiet on the Western Front; Ernest Palmer, Just Imagine) (5)

1931: Tony Gaudio, LITTLE CAESAR (2nd: Fritz Arno Wagner, M, followed by: Karl Freund, Dracula; Reimar Kuntze and Franz Weihmayr, Madchen in Uniform; Karl Struss, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) (5)

1932: Rudolph Mate and Louis Nee, VAMPYR (2nd: Lee Garmes and James Wong Howe, Shanghai Express, followed by: William H. Daniels, Grand Hotel; Arthur Edeson, The Old Dark House; Karl Struss, The Sign of the Cross) (5)

1933: William H. Daniels, QUEEN CHRISTINA (2nd: Boris Kaufman, Zero for Conduct, followed by: William H. Daniels, Dinner at Eight; Karl Vash and Fritz Arno Wagner, The Testament of Dr. Mabuse; Sol Polito, 42nd Street; Joseph Walker, The Bitter Tea of General Yen; George Barnes, Footlight Parade) (7)

1934: James Wong Howe, THE THIN MAN (2nd: Louis Berger, Jean Paul Alphen, and Boris Kaufman, L'Atalante, followed by: Bert Glennon, The Scarlet Empress; Victor Milner, Cleopatra) (4)

1935: Hal Mohr, A MIDSUMMER'S NIGHT DREAM (2nd: Sepp Allinger, Triumph of the Will, followed by Bernard Knowles, The 39 Steps) (3)

1936: David Abel, SWING TIME (2nd: John J. Mescall, Showboat, followed by: Ira H. Morgan and Roland Totheroh, Modern Times; Joseph Ruttanberg, Fury; Tony Gaudio, Anthony Adverse) (5)

1937: Gregg Toland, DEAD END (2nd: Karl Freund, The Good Earth, followed by: Christian Matras, Grand Illusion; W. Howard Greene, Nothing Sacred) (4)

1938: Tony Gaudio and Sol Polito, THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD (2nd: Eduard Tisse, Alexander Nevsky, followed by: James Wong Howe, Algiers; entire cinematography team, Olympia; Joseph Walker, You Can't Take It With You) (5)

1939: Ernest Haller and Lee Garmes, GONE WITH THE WIND (2nd: Gregg Toland, Wuthering Heights, followed by: Bert Glennon, Stagecoach; Harold Rosson, The Wizard of Oz; Bert Glennon and Ray Rennahan, Drums Along the Mohawk) (5)

1940: Georges Perinal, THE THIEF OF BAGDAD (2nd: Gregg Toland. The Grapes of Wrath, followed by: George Barnes, Rebecca; Tony Gaudio, The Letter; Arthur Miller and Ray Rennahan, The Blue Bird; Rudolph Mate, Foreign Correspondent; Gregg Toland, The Long Voyage Home; Oliver T. Marsh and Joseph Ruttanberg, Broadway Melody of 1940) (8)

1941: Gregg Toland, CITIZEN KANE (2nd: Arthur Miller, How Green Was My Valley, followed by: Kojei Sugiyama, The 47 Ronin; Sol Polito, Sergeant York; Rudolph Mate, That Hamilton Woman; Arthur Miller, Man Hunt) (6)

1942: Stanley Cortez, THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS (2nd: W. Howard Greene, Jungle Book, followed by: Nicholas Musuraca, Cat People; Arthur Edeson, Casablanca; Rudolph Mate, The Pride of the Yankees; Charles Clarke, Moontide) (6)

1943: Karl Andersson, DAY OF WRATH (2nd: J. Roy Hunt, I Walked With a Zombie, followed by: Hal Mohr and W. Howard Greene, Phantom of the Opera; George Perinal, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp; Leonard Smith, Lassie Come Home) (5)

1944: BLACK-AND-WHITE CINEMATOGRAPHY: John Seitz, DOUBLE INDEMNITY (2nd: Joseph Lashelle, Laura, followed by: Charles Lang, The Uninvited; Stanley Cortez and Lee Garmes, Since You Went Away; Lucien Ballard, The Lodger) (5)

COLOR CINEMATOGRAPHY: Leon Shamroy, WILSON (2nd: George Folsey, Meet Me in St. Louis, followed by: Allen M. Davey and Rudolph Mate, Cover Girl; Robert Krasker and Jack Hildyard, Henry V; Ray Rennahan, Lady in the Dark) (5)

1945: BLACK-AND-WHITE CINEMATOGRAPHY: John Seitz, THE LOST WEEKEND (2nd: Andrei Moskvin and Eduard Tisse, Ivan the Terrible, Part One: Ivan Grozyni, followed by: Harry Stradling, The Portrait of Dorian Gray; Roger Hubert, Children of Paradise; Robert Krasker, "I Know Where I'm Going!") (5)

COLOR CINEMATOGRAPHY: Leon Shamroy, LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN (2nd: Leonard Smith, National Velvet, followed by: Robert Plank and Charles Boyle, Anchors Aweigh) (3)

1946: BLACK-AND-WHITE CINEMATOGRAPHY: Henri Alekan, LA BELLE ET LA BETE (2nd: Guy Green, Great Expectations, followed by: Rudolph Maté, Gilda; Nicholas Musuraca, The Spiral StaircaseArthur Miller, Anna and the King of Siam) (5)

COLOR CINEMATOGRAPHY: Lee Garmes, Ray Rennahan, and Harold Rosson, DUEL IN THE SUN (2nd: Charles Rosher, Leonard Smith, and Arthur Arling, The Yearling, followed by: Jack Cardiff, A Matter of Life and Death; Andrei Moskvin and Edouard Tisse, Ivan the Terrible Part Two: The Boyars Plot; Eduard Cronjager, Canyon Passage) (5)

1947: BLACK-AND-WHITE CINEMATOGRAPHY: Nicholas Musuraca, OUT OF THE PAST (2nd: John Alton, T-Men, followed by: James Wong Howe, Body and SoulLee Garmes, Nightmare AlleyCharles Lang Jr, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir) (5)

COLOR CINEMATOGRAPHY: Jack Cardiff, BLACK NARCISSUS (2nd: Charles Clarke and Arthur E. Arling, Captain from Castile, followed by: Leon Shamroy, Forever Amber) (3)

1948: BLACK-AND-WHITE CINEMATOGRAPHY: Joseph H. August and Lee Garmes, PORTRAIT OF JENNIE (2nd: William Daniels, The Naked City, followed by: John Alton, He Walked Bu Night; Joseph MacDonald, Yellow Sky; Guy Green, Oliver Twist) (5)

COLOR CINEMATOGRAPHY: Jack Cardiff, THE RED SHOES (2nd: Harry Stradling, Jr., Easter Parade, followed by: Winton C. Hoch, William V. Skall and Joseph A. Valentine, Joan of Arc) (3)

1949: BLACK-AND-WHITE CINEMATOGRAPHY: Paul Vogel, BATTLEGROUND (2nd: Milton Krasner, The Set-Up, followed by: Yuharu Atsuta, Late Spring; Robert Krasker, The Third Man; Robert Surtees, Intruder in the Dust; Leo Tover, The Heiress; Franz Planer, Criss Cross) (7)

(2nd: Harold Rosson, On The Town, followed by: Robert Planck and Charles Schoenbaum, Little Women) (3)

John Seitz, SUNSET BLVD. (2nd: Russell Harlan, Gun Crazy, followed by: Kazuo Miyagawa, Rashomon; Harold Rosson, The Asphalt Jungle; Victor Milner, The Furies) (5)

COLOR CINEMATOGRAPHY: Ernest Palmer, BROKEN ARROW (2nd: Charles Rosher, Annie Get Your Gun, followed by: Robert Surtees, King Solomon's Mines) (3)

1951: BLACK-AND-WHITE CINEMATOGRAPHY: Robert Burks, STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (2nd: William C. Mellor, A Place in the Sun, followed by: Harry Stradling, A Streetcar Named Desire; Harold Rosson, The Red Badge of Courage; Charles Lang, Ace in the Hole) (5)

COLOR CINEMATOGRAPHY: John Alton and Al Gilks, AN AMERICAN IN PARIS (2nd: Claude Renoir, The River, followed by: Christopher Challis, The Tales of Hoffmann; Robert Surtees and William V. Skall, Quo Vadis?; Jack Cardiff, The African Queen) (5)

(2nd: G.R. Aldo, Umberto D, followed by: Karl Struss, Limelight; Asaichi Nakai, Ikiru; Charles B. Lang Jr., Sudden Fear) (5)

(2nd: Harold Rosson, Singin’ in the Rain, followed by: George J. Folsey, Million Dollar Mermaid; Leon Shamroy, The Snows of Kilimanjaro; Harry Stradling, Hans Christian Andersen) (5)

1953: BLACK-AND-WHITE CINEMATOGRAPHY: Yuharu Atsuta, TOKYO STORY (2nd: Christian Matras, Madame de…, followed by: Charles B. Lang, The Big Heat; Burnett Guffey, From Here to Eternity; Kazuo Miyagawa, Ugetsu Monogatari) (5)

Loyal Griggs, SHANE (2nd: Leon Shamroy, The Robe, followed by: Frank Planer, The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T; William C. Mellor, The Naked Spur; Henry Jackson and George J. Folsey, The Band Wagon) (5)

Boris Kaufman, ON THE WATERFRONT (2nd: Asaichi Nakai, The Seven Samurai, followed by: Kazuo Miyagawa, Sansho the Baliff; Burt Glennon, Crime Wave; George Folsey, Executive Suite) (5)

Robert Burks, REAR WINDOW (2nd: George Folsey, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, followed by: Leon Shamroy, The Egyptian; Russell Metty, Magnificent Obsession; Harry Stradling, Johnny Guitar) (5)

Stanley Cortez, THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER and John Alton, THE BIG COMBO (2nd: Ernest Laszlo, Kiss Me Deadly, followed by: Henning Bendtsen, Ordet; James Wong Howe, The Rose Tattoo; Gunnar Fischer, Smiles of a Summer Night) (6)

Russell Metty, ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS (2nd: Christian Matras, Lola Montes, followed by: Robert Burks, To Catch a Thief; Ted McCord, East of Eden; Robert Surtees, Oklahoma!; James Wong Howe, Picnic) (6)

1956: BLACK-AND-WHITE CINEMATOGRAPHY: Joseph Ruttanberg, SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME  (2nd: Robert Burks, The Wrong Man, followed by: Boris Kaufman, Baby Doll; Lucien Ballard, The Killing; Burnett Guffey, The Harder They Fall) (5)

COLOR CINEMATOGRAPHY: Winton C. Hoch, THE SEARCHERS (2nd: Joseph P. MacDonald, Bigger Than Lifefollowed by: Loyal Griggs, The Ten Commandments; Frederick A.Young and Russell Harlan, Lust for Life; Russell Metty, Written on the Wind) (5)

 James Wong Howe, SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS (2nd: Sergei Urusevsky, The Cranes are Flying, followed by: Gunnar Fischer, The Seventh Seal; Asaichi Nakai, Throne of Blood; Georg Krause, Paths of Glory; Gunnar Fischer, Wild Strawberries) (6)

COLOR CINEMATOGRAPHY: Ray June, FUNNY FACE (2nd: Jack Hildyard, The Bridge Over the River Kwai, followed by: Oswald Morris, Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison; William H. Mellor, Peyton Place; Milton Krasner, An Affair to Remember; Jack Asher, The Curse of Frankenstein) (6)

1958: BLACK-AND-WHITE CINEMATOGRAPHY: Russell Metty, TOUCH OF EVIL (2nd: Ichio Yamazaki, The Hidden Fortress, followed by: Geoffrey Unsworth, A Night to Remember; Lionel Lindon, I Want to Live!; Jerzy Wojcik, Ashes and Diamonds) (5)

COLOR CINEMATOGRAPHY: Robert Burks, VERTIGO (2nd: William H. Daniels, Some Came Running, followed by: Jean Bourgoin, Mon Oncle; Franz Planer, The Big Country; Harry Stradling, Jr., Auntie Mame) (5)

1959: BLACK-AND-WHITE CINEMATOGRAPHY: William C. MellorTHE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK (2nd: Charles Lang Sr., Some Like it Hot, followed by: Joseph C. Brun, Odds Against Tomorrow; Sacha Vierny and Takahashi Michio, Hiroshima Mon Amour; Russell Harlan, Day of the Outlaw) (5)

COLOR CINEMATOGRAPHY: Robert Surtees, BEN HUR (2nd: Robert Burks, North by Northwest, followed by: Kazuo Miyagawa, Floating Weeds; Jean Bourgoin, Black Orpheus; Franz Planer, The Nun's Story) (5)

1960: BLACK-AND-WHITE CINEMATOGRAPHY: John L. Russell, PSYCHO (2nd: Freddie Francis, Sons and Lovers, followed by: Sven Nykvist, The Virgin Spring; Raoul Coutard, Shoot the Piano Player; Joseph LaShelle, The Apartment; Aldo Scavarda, L’Avventura) (6)

COLOR CINEMATOGRAPHY: Russell Metty, SPARTACUS (2nd: Henri Decaë, Purple Noon, followed by: Mamoru Morita, Jigoku; Otto Heller, Peeping Tom; John Alton, Elmer Gantry) (5)

1961: BLACK-AND-WHITE CINEMATOGRAPHY: Freddie Francis, THE INNOCENTS (2nd: Eugene Schufftan, The Hustler, followed by: Sacha Vierny, Last Year at Marienbad; Kazuo Miyagawa, Yojimbo; Daniel L. Fapp, One, Two, Three; Merill Brody, Blast of Silence) (6)

COLOR CINEMATOGRAPHY: Daniel L. Fapp, WEST SIDE STORY (2nd: Asakazu Nakai, The End of Summer, followed by: Raoul Coutard, A Woman is a Woman; Boris Kaufman, Splendor in the Grass; Jack Cardiff, Fanny; Robert Krasker, El Cid) (6)

1962: BLACK-AND-WHITE CINEMATOGRAPHY: Lionel Lindon, THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE (2nd: Henri Decaë, Sundays and Cybèle, followed by: Yoshio Muyajima, Harakiri; Vadim Yusov, Ivan’s Childhood; Russell Harlan, To Kill a Mockingbird) (5)

COLOR CINEMATOGRAPHY: Frederick A. Young, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (2nd: Lucien Ballard, Ride the High Country, followed by: Robert Burks, The Music Man; Yahuru Atsuta, An Autumn Afternoon; Harry Stradling Jr., Gypsy) (5)

1963: BLACK-AND-WHITE CINEMATOGRAPHY: Gianni di Venanzo, 8½ (2nd: James Wong Howe, Hud, followed by: Sven Nykvist, Winter Light; Haskell Wexler, America America; David Boulton, The Haunting) (5)

COLOR CINEMATOGRAPHY: Raoul Coutard, CONTEMPT (2nd: Leon Shamroy, Cleopatra, followed by: Giuseppe Rotunno, The Leopard; Robert Burks, The Birds; Walter Lassally and Manny Wynn, Tom Jones) (5)

1964: BLACK-AND-WHITE CINEMATOGRAPHY: Sergey Urusevskiy. I AM CUBA (2nd: Tonino Delli Colli, The Gospel According to St. Matthew, followed by: Hiroshi Segawa, Woman in the Dunes; Gerald Hirschfeld, Fail-Safe; Kiyomi Kuroda, Onibaba) (5)

COLOR CINEMATOGRAPHY: Jean RabierTHE UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG (2nd: Carlo di Palma, Red Desert, followed by: Yoshio Miyagima, Kwaidan; Geoffrey Unsworth, BecketHarry Stradling, My Fair Lady) (5)

1965: BLACK-AND-WHITE CINEMATOGRAPHY: Raoul Coutard, ALPHAVILLE, followed by: David Watkin, The Knack, and How to Get It; Marcel Grignon, Rapture; Haskell Wexler, The Loved One; Oswald Morris, The Hill) (5)

COLOR CINEMATOGRAPHY: Frederick A. YoungDOCTOR ZHIVAGO (2nd: William C. Mellor and Loyal Griggs, The Greatest Story Ever Told, followed by: Ted McCord, The Sound of Music; Anatoli Petritsky, War and Peace; Gianni di Venanzo, Juliet of the Spirits) (5)

1966: BLACK-AND-WHITE CINEMATOGRAPHY: Haskell Wexler, WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? (2nd: James Wong Howe, Seconds, followed by: Tamas Somlo, The Round Up; Sven Nykvist, Persona; Ghislain Cloquet, Au Hasard, Balthazar) (5)

COLOR CINEMATOGRAPHY: Carlo di Palma, BLOW UP (2nd: Nicolas Roeg, Fahrenheit 451, followed by: Tonino Delli Colli, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; Conrad Hall, The Professionals; Ted Moore, A Man for All Seasons) (5)

1967: Robert Surtees, THE GRADUATE (2nd: Conrad Hall, In Cold Blood, followed by: Jean Badal and Andreas Winding, PlaytimeBurnett Guffey, Bonnie and Clyde; Nicolas Roeg, Far from the Madding Crowd) (5)

1968: Geoffrey Unsworth and John Alcott, 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (2nd: Tonino Delli Colli, Once Upon a Time in the West, followed by: Yu-Lan Chan, Anatoly Petritsky, and Aleksandr Shelenkov, War and PeacePasquelino De Santis, Romeo and Juliet; Oswald Morris, Oliver!) (5)

1969: Lucien Ballard, THE WILD BUNCH (2nd: Conrad Hall, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, followed by: Giuseppe Rotunno, Fellini Satyricon; Haskell Wexler, Medium Cool; Adam Hollander, Midnight Cowboy) (5)

1970: Frederick A. Young, RYAN'S DAUGHTER (2nd: Vittorio Storaro, The Conformist, followed by: Henri Decaë, Le Cercle Rouge; Rafael Corkidi, El Topo; David Watkin, Catch-22) (5)

1971: Oswald Morris, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF (2nd: Robert Surtees, The Last Picture Show, followed by: Vilmos Zsigmond, McCabe and Mrs Miller; Gilbert Taylor, Macbeth; Gordon Willis, Klute) (5)

1972: Gordon Willis, THE GODFATHER (2nd: Sven Nykvist, Cries and Whispers, followed by: Vittorio Storaro, Last Tango in ParisGeoffrey Unsworth, CabaretVilmos Zsigmond, Deliverance) (5) 

1973: Lazslo Kovacs, PAPER MOON (2nd: Owen Roizman and Billy Williams, The Exorcist, followed by: Rafael Corkidi, Holy Mountain; Conrad Hall, Electra Glide in BlueRobert Surtees, The Sting) (5)

1974: Gordon Willis, THE GODFATHER PART II (2nd: John A. Alonzo, Chinatown, followed by: Gordon Willis, The Parallax View; Gerald Hirschfeld, Young Frankenstein; Bruce Surtees, Lenny) (5)

1975: John Alcott, BARRY LYNDON (2nd: Russell Boyd, Picnic at Hanging Rock, followed by John Alcott, Overlord; Haskell Wexler and Bill Butler, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; Conrad Hall, The Day of the Locust) (5)

1976: Haskell Wexler, BOUND FOR GLORY (2nd: Gordon Willis, All The President's Men, followed by: Michael Chapman, Taxi Driver; Owen Roizman, Network; Vittorio Storaro, 1900) (5)

1977: Herbert Caldwell and Frederick Elmes, ERASERHEAD (2nd: Frank Tidy, The Duellists; followed by: Vilmos Zsigmond, John A. Alonzo, Steven Poster, Laszlo Kovacs, William Fraker, and Douglas Slocombe, Close Encounters of the Third Kind (award given to Zsigmond solely); Charles Rosher Jr., 3 Women; Dick Bush and John M. Stephens, Sorcerer) (5)

1978: Nestor Almendros and Haskell Wexler, DAYS OF HEAVEN (2nd: Michael Chapman, Laszlo Kovacs and Vilmos Zsigmond, The Last Waltz, followed by Vilmos Zsigmond, The Deer Hunter; Gordon Willis, Interiors; Dean Cundey, Halloween) (5)

1979: Vittorio Storaro, APOCALYPSE NOW (2nd: Gordon Willis, Manhattan, followed by: Caleb Deschanel, The Black StallionGeoffrey Unsworth and Ghislain Cloquet, Tess (won in 1980); Giuseppe Rotunno, All That Jazz; Nestor Alamendros, Kramer Vs. Kramer) (6)

1980: Freddie Francis, THE ELEPHANT MAN (2nd: Vilmos Zsigmond, Heaven‘s Gate, followed by: Michael Chapman, Raging Bull; Takao Saito and Shoji Ueda, Kagamusha; John Alcott, The Shining) (5)

1981: Vittorio Storaro, REDS (2nd: Alex Thomson, Excalibur, followed by: Jost Vacano, Das Boot; Vilmos Zsigmond, Blow Out; Gordon Willis, Pennies From Heaven; Douglas Slocombe, Raiders of the Lost Ark) (6)

1982: Sven Nykvist, FANNY AND ALEXANDER (won in 1983) (2nd: Jordan Cronenweth, Blade Runner, followed by: Nestor Alamendros, Sophie’s Choice; Andrezj Bartkowiak, The Verdict; Allen Daviau, E.T. The ExtraterrestrialBilly Williams, Gandhi) (6)

1983: Chris Menges, LOCAL HERO (2nd: Caleb Deschanel, The Right Stuff, followed by: Gordon Willis, Zelig; Stephen Burum, Rumble Fish; Hiro Narita, Never Cry Wolf) (5)

1984: Caleb Deschanel, THE NATURAL (2nd: Chris Menges, The Killing Fieldsfollowed by: Miroslav Ondricek, Amadeus; Jordan Cronenweth, Stop Making Sense; Gordon Willis, Broadway Danny Rose) (5)

Takao Saito, Masaharu Ueda and Asakazu Nakai, RAN (2nd: Phillippe Rousselot, The Emerald Forest, followed by: John Seale, WitnessDavid Watkin, Out of Africa; Gordon Willis, The Purple Rose of Cairo) (5)

1986: Frederick Elmes, BLUE VELVET (2nd: Chris Menges, The Mission, followed by: Bruno Nuytten, Jean De Florette/Manon of the Spring; Jordan Cronenweth, Peggy Sue Got Married; Sven Nykvist, The Sacrifice) (5)

1987: Henri Alekan, WINGS OF DESIRE (2nd: Haskell Wexler, Matewan, followed by: Vittorio Storaro, The Last EmperorAllen Daviau, Empire of the Sun; Douglas Milsome, Full Metal Jacket) (5)

1988: Sven Nykvist, THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING (2nd: Vittorio Storaro; Tucker: The Man and His Dream, followed by: Giuseppe Rotunno, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen; Jan De Bont, Die Hard; Phillippe Rousselot, The Bear) (5)

1989: Ernest Dickerson, DO THE RIGHT THING (2nd: Michael Ballhaus, The Fabulous Baker Boys, followed by: Mikael Solomon, The Abyss; Takashi Kawamata, Black RainFreddie Francis, Glory) (5)

1990: Vittorio Storaro, THE SHELTERING SKY (2nd: Vittorio Storaro, Dick Tracy, followed by: Barry Sonnenfeld, Miller’s Crossing; Michael Ballhaus, GoodFellas; Phillippe Rousselot, Henry and June) (5)

1991: Lun Yang and Fei Zhao, RAISE THE RED LANTERN (2nd: Roger Deakins, Barton Fink, followed by: Robert Richardson, JFK; Darius Khondji; Delicatessen; Freddie Francis, Cape Fear) (5)

1992: Phillippe Rousselot, A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT (2nd: Tony Pierce-Roberts, Howards End, followed by: Jack Green, Unforgiven; Robert Fraisse, The Lover; Michael Coulter, The Long Day Closes) (5)

1993: Janusz Kaminski, SCHINDLER’S LIST (2nd: Michael Ballhaus, The Age of Innocence, followed by: Slawomir Idziak, Three Colors: Blue; Tony Pierce-Roberts, The Remains of the Day; Conrad Hall, Searching for Bobby Fischer) (5)

Stefan Czapsky, ED WOOD (2nd: Piotr Sobocinski, Three Colors: Red, followed by: Roger Deakins, The Shawshank Redemption; Robert Richardson, Natural Born Killers; Owen Roizman, Wyatt Earp) (5)

1995: Darius Khondji, SEVEN (2nd: Andrew Lesnie, Babe, followed by: Yue Lu, Shanghai Triad; Robert Richardson, Casino; Dante Spinotti, Heat) (5)

1996: Robby Muller, BREAKING THE WAVES (2nd: John Seale, The English Patient, followed by: Caleb Deschanel, Fly Away Home; Roger Deakins, Fargo; Chris Menges, Michael Collins) (5)

1997: Dante Spinotti, L.A. CONFIDENTIAL (2nd: Frederick Elmes, The Ice Storm, followed by: Roger Deakins, Kundun; Alexei Yodorov, Mother and Son; Alexei Rodionov Passion in the Desert) (5)

1998: John Toll, THE THIN RED LINE (2nd: Anthony Dod Mantle, The Celebration, followed by: Janusz Kaminski, Saving Private Ryan; Robert Yeoman, Rushmore; Eduardo Serra, What Dreams May Come) (5)

1999: Conrad Hall, AMERICAN BEAUTY (2nd: Larry Smith, Eyes Wide Shut, followed by: Freddie Francis, The Straight Story; Robert Elswit, Magnolia; Newton Thomas Sigel, Three Kings; Richard Sandler, The Gods of Times Square; Bill Pope, The Matrix; Dante Spinotti, The Insider; Luciano Tavoli, Titus; Dick Pope, Topsy-Turvy) (10)

2000: Christopher Doyle, Pung-Leung Kwan and Mark Lee Ping-bin, IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (2nd: Peter Pau, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragonfollowed by: Matthew Libatique, Requiem for a Dream; Robby Muller, Dancer in the Dark; Roger Deakins, O Brother Where Art Thou?) (5)

2001: Roger Deakins, THE MAN WHO WASN’T THERE (2nd: Donald McAlpine, Moulin Rouge!, followed by: Bruno Delbonnel, Amelie; Slawomir Idziak, Black Hawk DownAndrew Lesnie, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring) (5)

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