Monday, March 14, 2011

Hitchcock Reexamined, All At Once

I was alerted to this TRULY amazing bit of cinema academia via movie geek extraordinaire Ron Salvatore on Facebook. Here, courtesy of the fantastically talented ultraculture, we have 30 murder scenes from the films of Alfred Hitchcock, all synched up perfectly (and all climaxing with the requisite death knells). Their sound, images and especially their editing rhythms clash wonderfully on one screen (notice how the speed of the edits increase as the piece goes along; and just look at the latter-day infusion of color--with one Psycho black-and-white blip). I've truly never seen anything like this---it's utter brilliance through and through. I could seriously watch it a hundred times; it represents the purest, and most accurate and innovative, of film studies. The ending gives me more chills than does the actual sampled film (the nevertheless legendary Strangers on a Train)!

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