Monday, March 21, 2011

The Five Best Recent Trailers

This is saying a lot, since trailers blow these days. Hell, I've been waiting literally TWO DECADES for movie previews to change. Finally, there's a glint of light on the horizon. Each of these pieces signal inventive new voices in movie marketing--SMART voices, finally:

Intriguing. THE TREE OF LIFE (Terrence Malick, 2011)

Chilling. RED STATE (Kevin Smith, 2011)

Moving. BLUE VALENTINE (Derek Cianfrance, 2010)

Funny. SUPER (James Gunn, 2011)

Exciting. SUPER 8 (J.J. Abrams, 2011)


Mark Johnson said...

Very excited about Super 8 and The Tree of Life. The trailers sold me for sure.

Dean Treadway said...

Oh, yeah. Obviously the two most exciting movies of the year, so far as we can see.