Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Movie Poster Collection: E

I gotta give it up for Will Pfiefer and his film column for the Rockford Register Star. Not only is the man supremely knowledgeable, he's been trolling the net deeply enough to stumble upon and later compose kind words about My Movie Poster Collection. Thanks, Will, and all readers! And, as always, click on the image you wanna see larger.

E.T. THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL (Steven Spielberg, 82). Folded, F
The famed image that drove us all crazy when we all didn't know a thing about the movie. Those days are over, that's for sure.

EARTHQUAKE (Mark Robson, 74). Folded, VG
I love this poster, for all the reasons I've already stated that I love all disaster movie posters. This one puts a twist on things, incorporating the fantastic logo into its "Impossible Shot" feel. The film doesn't hold the fascination for me it once did, but the earthquake scenes are definitely moving.

EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS (Martin Davidson, 83). Folded, G
Why do I have this? I hate this movie. But I'm glad you like it.

EDUCATING RITA (Lewis Gilbert, 83). Folded, G
How I adore this movie, but boy, does the poster screw the pooch or what? How hard would it have been to get Julie Walters and Michael Caine in the same room together for this shot?

ED WOOD (Tim Burton, 94). Rolled, NM
A squeaky-clean masterpiece of poster art. The movie, and the image, is the finest of the director's 25 year career.

ELECTRA GLIDE IN BLUE (James William Guercio, 73). Folded, Style A, G
An absolute beauty, and the king poster to own if you're police-obsessed. The layout and design here is superb, with a one of the best movie taglines ever ("Did you know me and Alan Ladd are the same height?"), and printed on shiny silver paper.

EL TOPO (Alejandro Jodorowsky, 70). Folded, review sheet, VG
Never liked the movie, but I know a good thing when I see it. As review posters go, this one is tops.

ENCHANTED APRIL (Mike Newell, 92). Folded, G
And no passion for this one, either, though I DO like the movie.

ESCAPE 2000 (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 82). Folded, G
Hilarious. I bought it 'cause Y2K was coming up. Later on, I found this Australian title (obviously a Mad Max-inspired pic) was released under two better monikers: Turkey Shoot and Blood Camp Thatcher. Still, I haven't seen it.

ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ (Don Siegel, 79). Folded, G
Gorgeous, subtle Birney Lettick art for this final collaboration between director Don Siegel and star Clint Eastwood.

EVE (Robert Lynn and Jeremy Summers, 68). Folded, P
This poster is a scream. The fake reviews really make it, as does the big G rating at the bottom! And I love the artwork. But I tore my copy a bit, so I list it as in poor condition.

EVIL UNDER THE SUN (Guy Hamilton, 82). Folded, VG
As a kid, I was a big fan of these 70s/80s Hercule Poirot movies, like Murder On the Orient Express and Death on the Nile. I actually thought this title, perhaps the least known of the three, was actually the most fun.

EVILSPEAK (Eric Weston, 81). Folded, G
I was so glad to land this poster. Evilspeak is one of the funnest bad movies ever made, with Ron Howard's brother, Clint, taking a rare lead as a nerdy kid at a boy's school who contacts Satan through his Radio Shack computer and unleashes hoards of killer red-eyed pigs on his torturers. It's a must-see. I love that the kid on the poster looks NOTHING like Clint Howard (who'd be very hard to miss in a crowd).

EXCALIBUR (John Boorman, 81). Folded, G
Great movie, great poster (by legendary artist Bob Peak). It'd be hard to let this one go, but I almost gave it away, once.

EXCESS BAGGAGE (Marco Brambilla, 97). Rolled, VG
Acquired (from the Plaza Theater) during my Alicia Silverstone crush phase.

EXECUTIVE ACTION (David Miller, 73). Folded, Style B, VG
The movie is a shitty curio, but I love that the poster has the Kennedy image and Dallas travel route on it. It's gotta be worth something, right?

EXODUS (Otto Preminger, 60). Folded, G
Saul Bass did the unforgettable art here in one of his most iconic outings. The movie, however, is a complete bore.

THE EXORCIST (William Friedkin, 73). Folded, F.
Ahh, this. You know this, don't you? Thank you, Patrick.

EXPRESSO BONGO (Val Guest, 59). Folded, P
This must be one of the rarest posters in my collection. It's beat-up, but still looks okay. Expresso Bongo was one of the first British rock movies, and even though there's not much rock in it, it DOES feature Sir Cliff Richard! One of the oldest pieces in my collection.

EYES WIDE SHUT (Stanley Kubrick, 99). Rolled, VG.
This is the purpled American version of the movie poster (different from the UK version), seen through the Hartford's ornate bedroom mirror. Sigh. How I miss Stanley Kubrick.

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