Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Movie Poster Collection: D

DAD, CAN I BORROW THE CAR? (Ward Kimball, 70). Folded, VG
I couldn't believe my freakin' luck in finding this one. I had waited years to even SEE this movie again (you can see it here). I'd caught this SHORT film (this is my only one-sheet for a short) on the Wonderful World of Disney back in the mid 1970s, and had always been fascinated by it; it's so incredibly odd. So's the fact that this poster even exists. I love everything about it, but I especially like its detailed psychedelic background. I'll never part with this.

DANIEL (Sidney Lumet, 83). Folded, VG
Gorgeous in every way, this one-sheet for Sidney Lumet's forgotten Daniel, about the kids of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg-like characters, totally haunts me. That photo of the shocked, hairy Timothy Hutton, against that colorful but terrifying background. Plus the total blackness of the poster! Wow. See this movie if you can, if only for the supporting performance of the always reliable but never better Amanda Plummer.

DARK DAYS (Marc Singer, 2000). Rolled, G

THE DARK KNIGHT (Christopher Nolan, 2008) Rolled, M
Given to me by a friend. Double sided and in perfect condition. 

DEAD CALM (Philip Noyce, 89). Rolled, VG
The film deserves better than this, though it IS a weird image.

THE DEAD ZONE (David Cronenberg, 83). Folded, G. NOTE: SIGNED by Stephen King. 

THE DEADLY AFFAIR (Sidney Lumet, 66). Folded, VG
The Lumet title I most want to see, but can't. Where IS this movie? 'Cause the poster and the cast make me wanna see it!

DEATH SHIP (Alvin Rakoff, 80). Folded, G
Another hilarious bad movie, with some actually unsettling gore and an even more unsettling George Kennedy. Co-written by Jack Hill, but very obviously a Canadian production (since both Nick Mancuso AND Saul Rubinek are in it).

DEATH OF A PRESIDENT (Gabriel Range, 2006). Rolled, NM
As someone who has no love for W, I felt I should take this for my collection. There's not another movie out there like this one, that is for sure.

DEATHTRAP (Sidney Lumet, 82). Folded, VG
Yet ANOTHER Sidney Lumet poster, this time for a lark of his that I think was a successful entry into the thriller genre, and one of the best stage-to-screen film adaptations I've ever enjoyed. Extra points for including Rubik's Cube into the design!

THE DECAMERON (Pier Paulo Pasolini, 71). Folded, G
Pasolini. Had to have it, never seen the film.

DEEP END (Jerzy Skolimoski, 70). Folded, VG
I watched this film only recently, and boy, was it great. Not as great as the poster, though. That's Paul McCartney's pre-Linda girlfriend Jane Asher as the female lead.

DEMON SEED (Donald Cammell, 77). Folded, G
The best sexy computer movie ever made.

THE DEPARTED (Martin Scorsese, 2006). Rolled, NM
Even now, I fail to get excited about having this one-sheet, as valuable as it is. I just can't get with this movie, excepting Mark Wahlberg's extraordinary supporting performance.

THE DETECTIVE (Gordon Douglas, 68). Folded, VG
Imagine how different the world would have been had Sinatra accepted the role of Dirty Harry when it was offered to him...

DETROIT ROCK CITY (Adam Rifkin, 99). Rolled, VG
Never seen this, but I love these chaos posters. Kudos to the artist, Phil Roberts.

THE DEVIL WITHIN HER (Peter Sasdy, 75). Folded, VG
What's more frightening--and funny--that that baby/hand carrying the scissors? Maybe that rendition of who I suppose is meant to be Joan Collins...

DIE HARD (John McTiernan, 88) Rolled, NM
Very happily recently rediscovered this was in my collection, rolled up in a tube for nearly 30 years. 

DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE (John McTiernan, 95). Rolled, VG
I needed a Die Hard poster, and I still think out of the four available, this one's the best (maybe because New York is in the background). Luckily, I also like the movie, too.

DIGBY: THE BIGGEST DOG IN THE WORLD (Joseph McGrath, 73). Folded, G
Whaaa? This actually is a movie? Yes, it is. I saw it on CBS, as a kid, right after Kukla, Fran and Ollie.

DIRTY WEEKEND (Dino Risi, 73). Folded, VG
What a great poster. Perfect coloring, and the image (you can almost feel the ass-squeeze coming), along with the great tagline, says it all. I've never seen this movie, but lord knows I want to, though I have realistically very low hopes.

DISTRICT 9 (Neill Blomkamp, 2009). Rolled, M
Not a movie I love. 

DIVA (Jean-Jacques Beineix, 81). Folded, G
The 80s classic, obviously. And how wonderful is it that Dominique Pignon provides the central image?

DIXIE DYNAMITE (Lee Frost, 76). Folded, VG
Warren Oates. 'Nuff said.

DOCTOR GLAS (Mai Zetterling, 68). Folded, VG
Mai Zetterling was a Swedish actress-turned-director, vehemently left-wing and very sexual in nature, and this is the only poster I have of hers. It's creepy.

DOCTOR ZHIVAGO (David Lean, 65). Folded, 25th Anniversary re-release, G
The famous image that commanded attention in the newspapers for years after the film's release, painted by Howard Terpning. I don't care what anyone says, I still love this movie.

DOG DAY AFTERNOON (Sidney Lumet, 75). Folded, G
The final Sidney Lumet title from this go round. Beautiful layout--an understated combo of art, photography, and typography. One of the best in my collection.

DONNIE BRASCO (Mike Newell, 97). Rolled, G]
This one-sheet reminds me of a film that would have been better suited being released in the 70s. I adore its simplicity, and the story it tells.

DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS (Paul Mazursky, 86). Folded, G
Ugh. Hate the movie, and all those Miami Vice colors. Let's move on...

THE DREAMLIFE OF ANGELS (Erick Zonca, 98). Rolled, VG
A dull one-sheet for an electrifying film.

DRESSED TO KILL (Brian De Palma, 80). Folded, F
I think I have more De Palma posters than of any other director. This is one of eight that I own. The type takes over a but too much, but the 3D quality of the image still sticks in my mind.

DRIVE-IN (Rod Amateau, 76). Folded, VG
Another chaos poster, obviously influenced by Mad Magazine. The movie ain't half bad, neither.

DRIVE-IN MASSACRE (Stu Segall, 77). Folded, F
One of the very worst posters I own. My love of the drive-in is the only thing that keeps me from trashing it.

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