Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Film #51: Muertos de Risa (Dying of Laughter)

Muertos de Risa (Dying of Laughter) is wildman Spanish director Alex de la Iglasia's raucous comedy about an Abbott and Costello-esque comedy team (expertly overplayed by El Gran Wyoming and Santiago Segura) who shoot each other dead on live TV, then are eulogized by their manager (Alex Angulo, the priest from de la Iglasia's equally accomplished Day of the Beast). Through flashbacks it's revealed to us how their festering hatred for each other reached such deadly intensity (having identical and connected houses couldn't have helped). Insightful about the frustrating nature of co-dependant relationships, yet never less than hysterical in its utter chaos (the final half hour is a bash!), Muertos de Risa is fine, shocking fun.

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