Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Film #42: Sisters

This is the first in a promised series of shorter posts, for those of you who don't have no durn time...

Made back when De Palma’s Hitchcock-cribbing packed more charm than it did in later years, Sisters stars Margot Kidder as surgically-separated Siamese twins, one of whom is degenerating into a knife-wielding killer. Jennifer Salt is the newspaper columnist who witnesses one of Kidder’s murders and tries to blow the whistle on her. Clever and creepy, the film’s best moments feature De Palma’s simple but effective use of split-screen effects--a visual pun in a movie about twins--to wickedly spice up crucial scenes, like the murder and its clean-up. Goosed up by an urgent Bernard Herrmann score (now, there’s someone who knew how to do horror movie music, from Hitchcock's Psycho to De Palma's Obsession ) and one of the oddest endings for any movie ever. Sisters is a great ‘70s-flavored horror staple.

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