Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My 70s Movie Ad Collages--available for purchase!

This is a various 70s piece, titled 5TH SMASH WEEK. 24" x 36"

 This is a new one called BAD GEORGIA ROAD (24" x 36").

I am a child of the 1970s. When I was in the crib, I used to cry for the movie section of the newspaper and my dad, getting ready to go out and serve on the Atlanta police force, would provide it to me. Then I'd be quiet. This was my comics section, the thing that got me excited to be awake and alive. Movie ads got me to the movies, and the movies changed my life. Later on into my childhood, I would craft what I called my "movie books"--many editions of stapled-together pages, with ads from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution cut out and affixed onto any sort of paper, by all means necessary--glue, tape, staples. These books have since disappeared.

When I was in my 20s, I worked as a copy boy for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. On my off hours, I would visit the microfilm department and peruse the movie sections for each week of the 1970s. I made copies of the pages I liked. By the end of this little project, I had over 400 pages of ads, from Jan 2, 1970 to Dec 31, 1977 (I wasn't able to get '78 or '79, unfortunately). 

Recently, I have started making collages of these ads. I have done seven pieces thus far. Each piece is done on a very thin Fredrix canvas board. I work in two sizes: 24" x 36" (which is currently going for $250), and 18" x 24" (currently priced at $175--both prices do not include shipping costs). All ads are taken from the original microfilm prints (all ads are Atlanta-specific), copied onto high quality paper, hand cut, and placed on the board. For each piece, I cut out generally three times as much as I need, just so I have some choices. Great care is taken not to leave any dead white space; also, I try not to repeat any titles. Each piece is coated with only one coat of decopage (any more ruins the visual quality) and comes with a metal loop affixed to the back, so that it may be quickly hung (no need to buy a frame, though it's certainly an option). It is a dream of mine to do a whole head-to-toe canvas, or even a wall collage of these ads. Call me if you want it, too.

Each piece is signed, dated, numbered and titled on the back. I choose my titles based on something on the piece I center in on...a bit of ad copy or whatnot.  It takes generally about three days to do each work, given the collating, copying, cutting, placement, and finishing.

The pieces can be themed. I can do:
  • Horror
  • Science fiction
  • Westerns
  • Oscar movies
  • Art/foreign films
  • Blockbusters
  • Blaxploitation
  • Hicksploitation
  • Martial arts
  • Comedy
  • Sleaze/porn
  • Drive-ins
  • Music
  • Atlanta events (Braves games, rodeos, concerts, plays)
  • Animals
  • Cars and motorcycles
  • And I can include specific titles, if provided and available (BTW, I search out ads from 1978 and 1979 from other sources, if deemed necessary). 
The possibilities are endless, really, and no two are every going to come out alike. Incidentally, when I'm done and the decopage is dry, a small number of the ads take on this aged, yellowed look. This adds another visual level to the piece. I prefer to work only in black and white, but if you wanted a certain color paper used, this could certainly be arranged (though it would add to the original price).

Need I say this? These would be TOTALLY AMAZING Christmas gifts!! Place your orders now!

  • 24" x 42" (on canvas ready for hanging): $350, plus shipping if necessary 
  •  24" x 36" (flat canvas board) -- $250 plus shipping, if necessary
  •  18" x 24" (flat canvas board) -- $175 plus shipping, if necessary
If interested, contact me at or friend me on Facebook.

Here are some photos of past work, just to give you some ideas on the possibilities. Click on each piece it you want to see it enlarged:

Inline image 9
This one is 24" x 36" and is all horror/sci-fi. All pieces are signed, titled, numbered, and dated on the back. This one is called TRIPLE BLOOD TRIP.

Inline image 5
Another various piece, 24 x 36, called HELD OVER.

Inline image 4
A closer shot of HELD OVER. 

Inline image 3
Another horror/sci-fi one, called SUPERSTARS OF SHOCK. 24 x 36

Inline image 2
An all sleaze/porn one, titled ALL GIRL ACTION. 18 x 24.

Inline image 7
An all sci-fi one, called WE ARE NOT ALONE. 18 x 24.  

Inline image 8
This one is called ATLANTA IN THE 70s, and includes music shows, car shows, rodeos, and movie ads. 24 x 36. 

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