Sunday, May 5, 2013

I Love Double Feature Movie Posters!

I'm sort of obsessed with this bizarre subspecies of movie advertising art. These one-sheets (and occasional British quads) remind me of the days when newspapers and posters were garish fun to look at. So I thought I'd peruse the net and see which ones were available. Now, I had strict rules: no theater-made double-feature posters (they all had to be packaged together by their makers--most double bills are from the same studio), no repertory house posters, no DVD/Blue-Ray covers (or posters), and no newspaper ads. All graphics here are of actual studio or exploitation titles released in either the US or UK, advertised as double features playing together, for one low, low price, at a theater near you. Have fun browsing (starting with an extremely rare FIVE-feature poster)!  


Ruby said...

Those movie posters are amazing! It's really nice to see some of the treasures of the early years of film making. Most of the posters were actually hand painted before they were digitally mass produced, which gave the artist a lot of painstaking work. This is perhaps the reason why I believe treasures such as these posters should really be kept in an archive. Don’t you agree?
Ruby Badcoe

Dean Treadway said...

I definitely agree, Ruby!

Tim said...

I still have the Star Wars double bill "Together.. as they should be seen"! My dad stole it for me when we went to see them in london.