Saturday, June 25, 2011

R.I.P. Peter Falk (1927-2011)

What a great actor. I don't think I knew how much I loved him until now. I cannot say any more. I'm too choked up. Really, I am. So I'm letting the clips speak for me.

From A WOMAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE. His role was seemingly lesser against the searing Gena Rowlands, but it was nonetheless challenging; in fact, it was the heart of the movie. (John Cassevetes, 74).

As the husband in desperate, unfailing love with an unbalanced lady in A WOMAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE (John Cassevetes, 74).

From THE IN-LAWS, with Alan Arkin. With one film, the two became one of cinema's most memorable buddy couples; personally, this is my deep-down favorite of all of Falk's performances. It always makes me smile (especially when he's talking about the tsete flies). SERPENTINE, SHEL! SERPENTINE! (Arthur Hiller, 79).

From MURDER, INC. Falk garnered his first Supporting Actor Oscar nomination here opposite Stuart Whitman. In fact, here mark's the birth of a star. Sit through the musical interlude and you'll see GOODFELLAS, THE SOPRANOS and everything else. (Stuart Rosenberg, 60).

Opposite the pleading Dolores Delmar in an unrentingingly brilliant movie called HUSBANDS. (John Cassevetes, 70).

The director called him an angel walking the earth. WINGS OF DESIRE. (Wim Wenders, 87)

As "Sam Diamond" in the landmark Neil Simon comedy MURDER BY DEATH (Robert Moore, 76).

Falk's intro to the much-loved THE PRINCESS BRIDE, with Fred Savage (Rob Reiner, 87).

From the little-seen THE BRINK'S JOB (William Friedkin, 78).

As the manager of a female wrestling team in ALL THE MARBLES (Robert Aldrich, 81).

As a passionate WWII grunt in a notable director's debut film, called CASTLE KEEP. (Sydney Pollock, 69)

In his signature TV role as Lt. COLUMBO, opposite his closest friend, John Cassevetes, circa 1973.

Falk as a top comedian in the underrated THE CHEAP DETECTIVE. (Robert Moore, 78).

Discussing death with Cassevetes in the energetic MIKEY AND NICKY (Elaine May, 76).

With the late Jill Clayburgh in the devastating TV movie GRIFFIN AND PHOENIX: A LOVE STORY (Daryl Duke, 76).

Paying tribute to Frank Capra, who cast him in the director's final film, POCKETFUL OF MIRACLES, which won Falk his first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor, and might as well have launched his career into the ionosphere.

There were SO many way to have loved Peter Falk. I only hope I have convinced you as such here.


Lisa said...

Wonderful clips and complete confirmation that Falk was as great as they come. Truly a treasure in film as well as on television!

Terrific post, Dean.

Mycroft said...

Yes, he was a great actor. I'm from Russia, and there all called him Colombo