Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Guess The Princess Lives Uptown Somewhere...

Okay, as an avid New Yorker and a pretty heavy Star Wars fan (you know...the first...I mean...LAST three), this for me is a magical confluence, courtesy of the roaming Improv Everywhere troupe!

I adore those knowing subway riders, who're extremely adept at improv themselves. The one cutaway to the dreamy young lovers is a favored highlight, as are the detail-oriented soft-focus shots of the action which mirror Lucas' directorial choices. And the flurry of smiling cell phone cam holders shooting this cruel capture really throws this Rebel Alliance setback into Absurdiraan. Darth Vader's entrance makes me grin like a Bantha eating garlic. Improv Everywhere is a genius idea all around.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Very nice to see those little kids at the end experience some genuine craziness in their world, too!

You can see how much Vader thrills and scares the passengers when he comes in -- very impressive!

Hilarious and adorable!