Sunday, April 17, 2011

The 200 Best Insults In Movie History

Courtesy (and that is definitely a misnomer here) of the supremely talented Harry Hanrahan, here is an absolutely stunning collection of the 200 best insults ever heard in motion pictures. Though in this overview I wish there were more classic-era put-downs achieved without the use of vulgarity (which, I warn now, is plentiful hereforth), I cannot deny that these are, indeed, some of the most memorable slap-downs in cinematic history. I challenge all who see these to name every single movie from which these clips sprang. Given this challenge, you will have gobs of fun watching these next 20 minutes, I fucking guarantee you. By the way, Hanrahan is a master editor of clips. This rivals anything I've ever seen Chuck Workman do for either his Oscar-winning movie montage Precious Images, or anything he's done since as the Academy's favorite go-to guy for montages constructed for the various awards ceremonies in the past. This, my friends, is an absolute blast!

Now fuck off, you eunuch jelly valves....

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京城刀客 said...

I like this, "I dont like your jerk off name, I dont like your jerk off face, I dont like your jerk off behavior, and I dont like you, jerk off......", probably the greatest scene from TBL.