Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Forgotten Movie Songs #21: "I'm Picking Out A Thermos For You" from THE JERK

Carl Reiner's THE JERK is a brilliant movie. And it's even more brilliant as Steve Martin's (truly) debut film. But I'm not going to sing its praises here. I only wanna point out the song "I'm Picking Out A Thermos For You," which is staunchly hilarious. I couldn't find a clip of Steve Martin's Navin singing this in his soapy bathtub, to his flighty girlfriend (Bernadette Peters), so I'm offering this, from YouTube contributor oneoftheminterns. The song is called "I'm Picking Out A Thermos For You," the music and lyrics are written by Steve Martin, and the lyrics follow the video:

Oh, I'm picking out a thermos for you
Not an ordinary thermos for you
But the extra best thermos you can buy
With vinyl and stripes
And a cup built right in

I'm picking out a thermos for you
And maybe a barometer, too
And what else can I buy
So on me you'll rely?
A rear end thermometer too!


Anonymous said...

I thought he sings "and a rectal thermometer too" ?

Dean Treadway said...

nope, "rear end" -- it's funnier, too!

anthony mussillo said...

i heard "rectal"